Experience a 2D retro-futuristic world where the boundary
between man and machine is fading away
A world that feels wasted. An Earth that IS wasted. It's the 22th century and a relentless battle for survival is taking place on our planet. This is the story of a hero who fights for humanity against a powerful terrible non-human enemy: CYGUN.
Inspired by retro-futuristic movies and tv-shows from the 80s.
  • Fast paced action in the great tradition of hit and run games.
  • Story driven gameplay as in RPG games. Questlines and alternate scenarios with hidden loot.
  • Customize your character with skills, abilities and new weapons.
  • Explore a dark, dystopian, retrofuturistic world based on Cyberpunk sci-fi movies and TV-Shows!
Platforms: PC · Mac · Linux · PS4